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Developing a Website is Not Child’s Play

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

The web is used more often nowadays. Hence when a web page is created it can be because of various reasons. Website development is carried out through the use of various languages such as XML, Perl, HTML, and CSS. XML and asynchronous JavaScript are used to create interactive web applications. Today most international companies are outsourcing their work Since India’s web development and software development industry is booming more and more companies are outsourcing their web development needs and requirements. In India you will be able to find the right infrastructure and highly skilled professionals who will be able to execute your work.

A website should be able to communicate well. And this can only be achieved through effective website development. One has to come up with various ways to generate more and more visitors to the website. Website needs to be updated regularly so that it can hold the interest of the visitors. There are many web development companies in and across India offering web development services.

When you are developing your website you have to keep in mind a lot of things. The process for website development is definitely not very easy. There are certain basic steps which you can follow when developing a website they are: analysis, development, design, content, coding, testing, and maintenance. There are certain aspects which play a crucial role in the web development process. They are as follows:

Content & Design: Good quality content is absolutely essential for website development. The website should contain relevant information and facts which would attract the visitors. If the content is not good enough, the visitors won’t be interested in visiting the site. Another aspect to pay attention is that your website should look impressive. Hence designing the website properly is absolutely imperative. The colour and theme should be in tune with your website.

User Interface and Navigation: When doing a website development one should take care of the fact that the user interface is simple and easy to use. Even navigating through the website should not become a hassle for the user. If these points are remembered and implemented while developing your website then your website will be developed satisfactorily.

These aspects should be kept in mind when one is developing their website. Web site development helps in creating a strong image online for your services or products. Hence choose a good web development company for developing your website so that your web presence is strong enough to generate success in your business.

Hire A Professional Web Designer And Developer To Build Your Web Marketing Program

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

I have run into it too many times. Companies that say their sister built my site, my secretary built it or my cousin’s, nephew’s, good friend in high school. In the end I am all for helping young developers hone their skills, but it should never be at the expense of what your business can accomplish with a strong web marketing program designed and implemented by a professional web developer.

Everyone knows Google is the number one search engine and for good reason. Google offers comprehensive search capabilities that evolve, change and grow with users habits and keyword searching trends. Google Analytics can give any company keen insight into how people are coming to your site, where they are going and how long they are viewing your content. There are sophisticated ways in which to assign specific value to conversions based on what people do when they visit your site. A companies’ focus with their web site should be to receive a return on what they have invested in its development.

Some developers are simply designers that can build magnificent looking sites that use Flash animation, sound and video with awesome graphics and wonderful backgrounds. This is great and if used properly and can be very effective in gaining the attention of potential customers. However, if used simply to be cool and flashy it can actually hurt the ability for potential customers to find and use your site to buy or contact you about what you have to offer. The whole purpose of a business web site is to generate business and inspire trust and brand recognition.

The designers that don’t pay attention to simple search engine optimization (SEO) basics are not providing your business with the best value for your hard earned advertising dollars. Your web site is on the front lines of how people look for goods and services and judge the value of what you have to offer. Google is your home page and maximizing your web development with that in mind can be the difference between breaking even on your investment or earning a profitable return on your website.

By hiring a knowledgeable, talented and thorough web developer you will see the difference in your traffic, usability and growth for your web presence. Have your cousin’s, nephew’s good friend from high school build a site for your family or local school group, but don’t experiment with your companies image and potential revenue generating ability.

Here’s a SEO tip: What does the title of your home page say? Does it say “untitled document” or have the name of your business? If you are a global brand like Nike or ESPN a page title with your name works great. But if your Bob’s Tire and Lube, and that’s the title of your website, then you will most likely only be found on a Google search for your company name and not for your core services or products. Your page title is the first thing Google sees to index search terms for your web site and Bob’s Tire and Lube will most likely not be the first thing people search to find your business. Think of how prospective customers search for the products you offer and title your home page with those keyword terms and phrases.

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Helpful Tips in Website Development

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

In web design, there are certain points members of website development team should always remember. First, web pages and websites are bounded by accessibility principles. Those accessibility principles are published by organizations like the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as they refer it features a set of guidelines that enables for content to be accessible particularly by disabled users and quite recently accessed through mobile devices.

Web developers should keep in mind that using semantic markup gives good structure to web pages. Semantic markup also includes organizing of web page structures and web services in such a way that they will be recognized by differing web sites. It is advisable the valid markup language that is compatible to published DTD or Schema be utilized. Another helpful tip is that, any non-text component should have text equivalents. To conjure image of professionalism, avoid hyperlinks that do no make sense when read out of context. Examples of which are “Click Here”, “Explore Here”. Frames should also be avoided. Also, great web developers know that one must use CSS in comparison to HTML tables for layout.

In the analysis of the basic aspect of designs, one needs to look at the content, usability, appearance and visibility of the information presented. In content, it has been pointed out that the information provided in the web site should be relevant to the purpose of the site and reflective of the needs of the target audience. Second, the web developers and designers should keep in mind that the site must be user-friendly, meaning it does not have complicated applications. It must have feature simple interface and navigation systems. Third, the most eye-catching and pleasant a site is the more people would want to check it out. Web developers should use a single format for graphics and text throughout the page. Consistency is much preferred by people than chaos. Furthermore, the style of the website should appeal to the visitors. It must be equally professional, relevant and creative. Finally, the site must be easily accessible. It must be quickly found through major search engines and must be effectively advertised.

Well, I hope these tips help you in your own website development endeavors. Those mentioned above are but guidelines that enable you to have a less strenuous website development activity. While some of the earlier mentioned things are stringent points that need to be followed, others are just suggestions that you might find useful. To succeed in website development, you need both knowledge and passion for the craft. Those who will not toil for hours making, editing and checking contents will not succeed in website development. The major driving force of web developers is positive feedback from the visitors of the site.