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Five Red Flags For Hiring a Web Designer You Can’t Meet

The marketplace for web design is a global one: a company in Dallas can find a web designer in Mumbai and complete the project without ever meeting the designer. In many cases, the internationalization of web design services is a good thing, as it allows for businesses to source their projects according to their design, technology and budget needs.

There are, however, huge risks for companies that source their projects out or state or country. A worst case scenario is paying a deposit and never hearing from the web design company again. It happens much more than many are willing to admit.

Here are five “red flags” that should steer you away from a web designer you can’t meet:

Template Website
We have seen a lot of “web developers” with websites they did not make. This should be a very big red flag. Scammers will often set up template web sites with the hope of luring customers. After taking deposits, they disappear.

Suspicious Portfolio
Take a very careful look at the online portfolio of any web designer you are considering. Check if the sites are actually online. Ask the designer if the complete website made by the designer.

No Contract or Project Specifications
A scammer will promise anything (and deliver nothing) to win a web design project. If the designer does not come up with a sitemap, project plan and a contract, look elsewhere. There are, of course, no guarantees when working with someone outside of your legal jurisdiction, but to at least have someone on paper shows a deeper level of commitment than vapid promises about being able to do everything.

No Available References
Insist on being able to contact past clients of the web designer. A trustworthy web developer will be able to provide the names and contact information for several clients. Call these people and ask questions about aspects of web development that are important for you.

Large Percentage of Project Costs for Deposits
It’s typically to require a 50% pre-payment for web design projects with the remainder due when certain benchmarks are reached. If your developer wants 75%+ before work begins, reconsider using this developer. It’s just too much risk, especially if the developer does not live close to you.

Any web development project has risks. These risks are magnified, however, when your web developer lives in a different state or country. Your chances of solving any dispute in a court system is difficult when you do not share a common legal system. The items above are some basic steps you can take to ensure that your web designer is trustworthy and professional.

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