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Helpful Tips in Website Development

In web design, there are certain points members of website development team should always remember. First, web pages and websites are bounded by accessibility principles. Those accessibility principles are published by organizations like the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as they refer it features a set of guidelines that enables for content to be accessible particularly by disabled users and quite recently accessed through mobile devices.

Web developers should keep in mind that using semantic markup gives good structure to web pages. Semantic markup also includes organizing of web page structures and web services in such a way that they will be recognized by differing web sites. It is advisable the valid markup language that is compatible to published DTD or Schema be utilized. Another helpful tip is that, any non-text component should have text equivalents. To conjure image of professionalism, avoid hyperlinks that do no make sense when read out of context. Examples of which are “Click Here”, “Explore Here”. Frames should also be avoided. Also, great web developers know that one must use CSS in comparison to HTML tables for layout.

In the analysis of the basic aspect of designs, one needs to look at the content, usability, appearance and visibility of the information presented. In content, it has been pointed out that the information provided in the web site should be relevant to the purpose of the site and reflective of the needs of the target audience. Second, the web developers and designers should keep in mind that the site must be user-friendly, meaning it does not have complicated applications. It must have feature simple interface and navigation systems. Third, the most eye-catching and pleasant a site is the more people would want to check it out. Web developers should use a single format for graphics and text throughout the page. Consistency is much preferred by people than chaos. Furthermore, the style of the website should appeal to the visitors. It must be equally professional, relevant and creative. Finally, the site must be easily accessible. It must be quickly found through major search engines and must be effectively advertised.

Well, I hope these tips help you in your own website development endeavors. Those mentioned above are but guidelines that enable you to have a less strenuous website development activity. While some of the earlier mentioned things are stringent points that need to be followed, others are just suggestions that you might find useful. To succeed in website development, you need both knowledge and passion for the craft. Those who will not toil for hours making, editing and checking contents will not succeed in website development. The major driving force of web developers is positive feedback from the visitors of the site.

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