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How to Start Your Own Web Design Business – Build Multiple Sites Quickly at Minimum Cost

The economy is tough and more and more businesses are turning to the web to increase their exposure to potential clients and generate more sales. You might own an advertising agency, computer shop, printing company, and have clients ask for your help on website design already. If you have been thinking about entering the website design business, now is your opportunity.

With the right software tools and a team of developers to support you, you can grab the opportunity and profit from the web design business right away. In the past, you might have a few obstacles to start your own web design business, including high costs, the need to hire developers and designers (which we know are not cheap), setup an office to work from, and so on.

Many web design business are actually operating base on minimum cost. You can start your own website design business quickly, and you are in a position to provide high quality and fast turnaround service to your clients at a very competitive cost.

How? The secret is using a combination of available web site building software, and partner with an offshore web development team.

You do not need to learn lots of programming just to build websites. There are many all-in-one website builder software now available to help non-programmers to build websites quickly, easily, yet with a professional look and feel. The trick to this is using ready-made web templates. Website builder software often comes with web templates with various themes, starting with business, finance, sports, travel, music, art, teaching, etc.

With these templates you can create websites in a breeze very efficiently at a fraction of the cost of setting up a standard website. You can also add various modules, or add-ons that will make the visitor experience on the site extremely pleasant.

The templates can be fully customized using the website builder software, which usually does not require any programming so you can do it by yourself when you first start your business . And the add-ons can be made to look just like the existing website with no effort whatsoever. Offering additional features to the website for your clients will put you ahead of the game.

Imagine giving your clients modules such as an interactive flash map, online video player and jukebox that will enhance the look and usability of their websites in the eyes of their visitors. Your customers will be ready to pay you higher fees for these additional features, while your cost is one-off to add these for him. You don’t need to hire programmers to create these tools for you: a website building software suite could include all these add ons, ready for you to reuse and sell to potential clients.

Having an easy to use website building software and its template gallery will greatly reduce the cost and time of creating websites. There is, however, cases where you must seek professional help if your client require a more advance, or more tailor made websites.

That’s why you should also find an offshore web development team to partner with — so that you can outsource your web projects to them on-demand, without hiring web developers yourself.

Offshore web development has become extremely popular in recent years among business of all sizes, as it has many advantages compared to hiring professionals locally. The biggest advantage is, as mentioned above, saving on cost. It has been demonstrated that website development outsourcing can save up to 35-50% of the total web development cost, which is very relevant for a new start-up company, and it can be for you too.

IT professionals and webmasters in offshore companies all over the world are very efficient and know their stuff. By combining the use of website design software with offshore outsourcing means less start up cost for your web design business and an expandable revenue model. And you would be able to develop both high-end projects, as well as entry level websites depending on the needs of different clients and their budget.

Web design firms that take advantage of this are often small home businesses, operated by 1-2 people only. Yet they are able to thrive in their business because they are using everything that the Internet has to offer them: the available all-in-one easy to use software that enables them to create a highly professional website in a few minutes, as well making use of the offshore team to greatly speed up the entire process, offer more custom options, and reduce the costs even more.

Who said that starting up a web design firm needs to be difficult or costly?

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