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Getting Your Web Store Online

August 21st, 2018

So you’ve decided decided to take your store to the next level and explore opportunities in e-commerce?

There are a lot of options for getting your store online. You can start from scratch and pay a web design firm to build you a brand-new web store or you can take advantage of the technology platform that industry leaders in e-commerce are offering. Companies such as eBay, Amazon and Yahoo! offer already designed solutions that handle the most tedious parts of e-commerce: credit card processing, security issues, ability to handle large amounts of traffic and orders. I advise all of my clients to invest in a web store that has already been built. I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel and I don’t believe that any web development or design company hired will be able to reproduce what has already produced and is successful with.

On the face value let’s look at it from just a cost perspective.

If you hire a web development firm to create a new web store for your business, you can expect to pay $4000-$5000 easily. You may have some web development companies that offer it for less, but you get what you pay for in those instances. Not to mention you’re stuck with that technology. Two years from now, if the web takes a new turn in web browsers, video, computers, etc. then your website is still going to be a website that was built two years ago, unless you pay the company to come back and redesign the website again.

If you pay Amazon, Yahoo!, or eBay to build your web store and you build your website on top of their already proven technology, you can expect your business to pay around $40-$60 a month on average. Compute the costs and you’ll find that you’ll pay approximately $600-$700 per year to host your store on a state of the art platform. This solution is cheaper, more efficient and the most flexible.

Flexibility in business technology is worth its weight in gold. You’re not going to be stuck with an outdated website in 3 to 4 years. Amazon, Yahoo! and eBay are going to continually update their web design and web architecture for your store.

The System That Jack Built.

The last thing any business wants is to pay advertising costs, drive a customer into the store, the customer is ready to buy, has the money in hand, but can’t make the transaction because the cash register is down. That is a nightmare for the business and it can’t happen in an efficient business.

You may find an excellent web designer or web developer that can put your website together for minimal costs, but can this web developer be 100% sure that his technology is 100% failsafe?

Take into account the amount of money lost by an order not processing correctly: now multiply that by just one order a day for a year. That kind of loss starts to add up. What if the website they build experiences a glitch and your website goes down during the night. Customers are ready to buy, but your website is down. These are unnecessary costs and it takes away from your business efficiency.

A Quick Overview of Each Web Store.

Yahoo! Small Business Merchant Solutions

As of October 2009 Yahoo! Merchant solutions hosts more top 500 Internet retailers that any other e-commerce provider. They offer design tools where you can create the store yourself with easy-to-use tools or you can hire developer to developer site for you on their platform. Adding products to your web store is extremely easy, Yahoo has a product Wizard that guides you through this process. You have the ability to accept credit and debit and PayPal payments. You also have the ability to measure your success with reporting capabilities offered to you by Yahoo!

Web store by Amazon

Amazon offers a simple easy solution to creating your own store. The technology offered to your store is the same technology that powers, therefore very reliable.

Amazon sets themselves apart in one category: the ability to allow product recommendations, customer reviews and recently viewed items. increase their sales every day with this technology. How many times have you been on looking for particular book and found another book that you wanted too? This is because Amazon uses product recommendation technology to target customers interests. This technology would cost several thousand dollars alone to add to your website.

Amazon offers the ability to put your products in Amazon’s marketplace. Already millions of people are viewing and searching for products, they will have the opportunity to view your products in the Amazon search feature.

eBay’s Pro Stores

Pro stores also offers easy e-commerce storefronts: built in templates and custom designs. What sets ProStores apart is the built in inventory and order management tools they offer. EBay has this down to a science and you’ll receive that benefit if you host with ProStores.

A few other recommendations:

People want to know they can trust your business. Features like PayPal give the customer the option of not giving their credit card number to the merchant is a big plus.

Features such as SSL security certificates provide some comfort to customers.

Registering with or making it known through your web store that your business is registered with the Better Business Bureau is a big help.

The number one reason that customers don’t buy from a web store that has the product at the price they want is for fear of fraud or the theft of their credit card numbers.

How to Start Your Own Web Design Business – Build Multiple Sites Quickly at Minimum Cost

August 20th, 2018

The economy is tough and more and more businesses are turning to the web to increase their exposure to potential clients and generate more sales. You might own an advertising agency, computer shop, printing company, and have clients ask for your help on website design already. If you have been thinking about entering the website design business, now is your opportunity.

With the right software tools and a team of developers to support you, you can grab the opportunity and profit from the web design business right away. In the past, you might have a few obstacles to start your own web design business, including high costs, the need to hire developers and designers (which we know are not cheap), setup an office to work from, and so on.

Many web design business are actually operating base on minimum cost. You can start your own website design business quickly, and you are in a position to provide high quality and fast turnaround service to your clients at a very competitive cost.

How? The secret is using a combination of available web site building software, and partner with an offshore web development team.

You do not need to learn lots of programming just to build websites. There are many all-in-one website builder software now available to help non-programmers to build websites quickly, easily, yet with a professional look and feel. The trick to this is using ready-made web templates. Website builder software often comes with web templates with various themes, starting with business, finance, sports, travel, music, art, teaching, etc.

With these templates you can create websites in a breeze very efficiently at a fraction of the cost of setting up a standard website. You can also add various modules, or add-ons that will make the visitor experience on the site extremely pleasant.

The templates can be fully customized using the website builder software, which usually does not require any programming so you can do it by yourself when you first start your business . And the add-ons can be made to look just like the existing website with no effort whatsoever. Offering additional features to the website for your clients will put you ahead of the game.

Imagine giving your clients modules such as an interactive flash map, online video player and jukebox that will enhance the look and usability of their websites in the eyes of their visitors. Your customers will be ready to pay you higher fees for these additional features, while your cost is one-off to add these for him. You don’t need to hire programmers to create these tools for you: a website building software suite could include all these add ons, ready for you to reuse and sell to potential clients.

Having an easy to use website building software and its template gallery will greatly reduce the cost and time of creating websites. There is, however, cases where you must seek professional help if your client require a more advance, or more tailor made websites.

That’s why you should also find an offshore web development team to partner with — so that you can outsource your web projects to them on-demand, without hiring web developers yourself.

Offshore web development has become extremely popular in recent years among business of all sizes, as it has many advantages compared to hiring professionals locally. The biggest advantage is, as mentioned above, saving on cost. It has been demonstrated that website development outsourcing can save up to 35-50% of the total web development cost, which is very relevant for a new start-up company, and it can be for you too.

IT professionals and webmasters in offshore companies all over the world are very efficient and know their stuff. By combining the use of website design software with offshore outsourcing means less start up cost for your web design business and an expandable revenue model. And you would be able to develop both high-end projects, as well as entry level websites depending on the needs of different clients and their budget.

Web design firms that take advantage of this are often small home businesses, operated by 1-2 people only. Yet they are able to thrive in their business because they are using everything that the Internet has to offer them: the available all-in-one easy to use software that enables them to create a highly professional website in a few minutes, as well making use of the offshore team to greatly speed up the entire process, offer more custom options, and reduce the costs even more.

Who said that starting up a web design firm needs to be difficult or costly?

India – The Hottest Destination For Web Design Outsourcing

August 19th, 2018

India has emerged as the most preferred and sought after destination for outsourcing web design services. Western countries, primarily the United States, U.K., Australia and Canada, are increasing turning to offshore outsourcing services from India in effects to cut costs and achieve profitability goals.

With higher levels of computer literacy, the usage and dependence on the Internet has increased by leaps and bounds in developed nations. Here, all businesses, from small scale boutiques to larger scale enterprises, turn to the Internet for some purpose or another, whether it’s web promotions, product and inventory management, internal supply-chain control, or anything else. Likewise, consumers often resort to the Internet to find and research products or services, and ultimately make a purchase. Thus the important of developing a powerful online presence has become apparent.

Many website development companies have surfaced in India, which offer top quality services at highly affordable rates. Web design companies from India have succeeded in gaining the trust and confidence of international businesses due to consistent excellent in service output. India is the outsourcing services market share leader amongst countries around the world, particularly in website design and web development. These web service companies help create a niche for your business online through unique designing and programming. Many website development companies in India provide an option to hire a web designer on a part-time or full-time basis, thus giving businesses the flexibility they need to meet their individual requirements.

Here are some of the many advantages to outsourcing web development and design services to India:

* Web development companies often offer a full range of IT and web related services under one roof that will enable you to meet all your online needs, such as website designing, logo designing, content management, eCommerce web solutions, flash designing, graphic designing, etc.

* Web Design Companies in India maintain high quality standards. Any good companies will follow the norms laid by CMM and ISO standard boards.

o Web services offered by professional organizations are of international quality and have appeal for global customers.

o Hiring web designers from India is very cost effective in comparison to other countries of the world. They create customized web designs without burning a hole in a client’s pocketbook.

o Overhead costs such as office space, computer equipment, and employee benefits, associated with employing full-time regular employees are significantly reduced. Many companies hire web designers from the Indian sub-continent. Apart from the economical workforce, the work ethic and output quality is also very favorable.

o In India there are ample web professionals that are fluent in English, which is the inherited international language for communication in most parts of the world.

o India has the highest number of experienced and well trained IT professionals in comparison to other developing countries.

o Companies are also looking to India as an emerging destination for outsourcing legal processes.

It is apparent from the above mentioned points that outsourcing web related services to India would be a strategic move for any company, irrespective of their size or the industry is falls under.