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Using a Local Web Design Company

When it becomes time for your company to get a well designed and well developed website many people may look past the local web design companies. When in truth, there are many small local web development and design companies that can design, build and develop better web sites than the city companies.

Using a local web development/design company will offer many benefits:-

  • Face to Face meetings
  • Personal Relationship
  • Cheaper
  • Excellent Web Design and Web Development Skills

If you decide to choose a local web company, take a look at their portfolio of work and ask what kind of results they get on the search engines.

Most small local web design companies will offer an excellent design and development service. When it comes to the Search Engine Optimisation of the site, as long as they follow the main practices of SEO you will have a good standing for then using a dedicated Search Engine Optimisation company to help improve your traffic.

Many local web design companies will have partnerships with Search Engine Optimisation companies. It is near impossible for a small web company to offer a full Search Engine Optimisation Service.

You will need to find out how many employees work for the company and decide if you are happy to deal with either a freelance / Self Employed Web Designer or they main companies I would recommend to work with are web design companies that employ between 2-5 employees. This way you will always have a point of contact and you know that they will have the ability to hit deadlines even if they are busy.

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