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In the earlier articles, we have examined the importance of content in designing websites. We have pointed out that the information provided in websites should coincide with what the audience needs. In this current article, we will delve into the tedious process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing and editing information that is provided in the websites.

Websites are the most easily accessible, appealing and interactive source of information. The information presented in the website may either be in prose, graphics, pictures, recording, and other multi-media instruments that can be easily distributed through a hypertext protocol server. The contents and information in websites can be viewed through web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

In the beginning, web developers took two avenues to generate content in websites. First, they make the content themselves and second, they took existing documents and they patiently coded such into hypertext markup languages. With the advent of newer innovations in technology and website development, it became more challenging for web developers to excel in all things. Thus, web content development emerged. Web content developers are able to integrate and make new contents in web sites, but this does not denote that they have skills or possibly wide knowledge on script language, programming, database programming, graphic design and copywriting.

Well, one might have been fortunate enough to find someone who’s able to do all- the programming, design and the content. Nonetheless, such instances rarely happen. Division of labor is the system now in website development teams. A specific group of people do software development or engineering, while there are those mainly responsible for assembling images and text.

The web content developers are also the search engine optimization specialist or internet marketing professionals. The SEO or the internet marketing professional promote the website through article marketing. The web content developers need to ensure that web traffic flow is favorable to them. Also, they need to produce high quality and unique contents that will be useful to the readers. Nevertheless, there are some issues plaguing about it now. Some people would argue that certain web content developers make articles stuffed with keywords to purposely manipulate the search engine. This then resulted to negative perception on them.

There are certain characteristics that a web content developer must possess. For one, she/he must be internet savvy. She/He knows where to find reliable information. Second, must be comfortable in expressing themselves through words. They must be write things clearly and coherently. Third, they must provide information based on facts and not superstitions.

As you can see, I am a web content developer writing about web content developments. This does not happen quite often, thus I find this scenario amusing.

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